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Teeth Whitening Hurts

teethexplainedIf you’ve spent a ton of money and time on braces, cleaning your teeth and dental work – you want to make sure you keep those pearly whites, bright as possible.  But how do you that without damaging your teeth with harsh chemicals?  I’ve tried the trays, the laser, the constant whitening brushing and harsh mouthwashes.  Most hurt my teeth – make them feel super sensitive. Bleaches, baking soda and gels are harsh and kill your enamel. For the past few years, I’ve been following a local dental expert, Benita Soni, work on a more natural and non invasive solutions.  It is a teeth whitening pen on the go.  The first time it was released a few years ago, it had chemicals that I could feel on my teeth – minor pain and way better than the other options. This year, Benita is back.  She called me with her new teeth whitening pen but only this time more natural, safer to use and even Vegan friendly.  I’ve tried it for a few weeks here and there.  Instant results!  Best part – I did it in my car.  Just make sure you have water.  It takes only minutes and is the easiest solution. (read more below) product2 However – make sure you read the instructions as it might take the pen a few twists to get the gel going and keep a wide smile is key.  I recommend tilt the head back and relax. Want to try it?  I have a few FREE teeth whitening pens to give away. Repost and/or retweet this article for your chance to win.  Follow and like Smiles to go on facebook and twitter for extra chances to win this week.

Waiting for your face cream to start working?


How many types of creams do you have for your face right now? Something for the eyes, the dry patches, the fine lines, the lips and even the occasional pimple.

Perhaps you have a skin condition and have prescription medication.

I have all of this and a new dairy allergy that likes to show just how allergic I am to cow products on my face. Drying, peeling and bleeding patches all over. So you go to the doctor, spend $70 on a new medicated cream and go into hiding for a few days until the new cream works.

During this waiting time you start thinking of what you eat and do up a new diet plan and decide to buy Costco sized containers of various vitamin and minerals. You need to start popping those pills like a mad woman for like a day or two and then you just don’t have time. You buy it, you use it a few times, you forget about it, it gets old, it gets tossed. On average, we spend about an average of $800 or more a year on just our faceo2facial

One thing that doesn’t take days to show results or has a limited shelf life or requires multiple applications in a day is getting oxygen mixed with vitamins and minerals infused right into your skin. In West Vancouver, there is a clinic dedicated to just this and many types of treatments too.  Everything from clarity treatment to collagen infusion.  Instead of waiting for some cream to trigger your skin to do this for you – you can get it infused right now.  No injections, no needles.

I had a few of these facials over the years in various places but was excited to find a clinic dedicated to so many kinds of this type of procedure

It’s not just a regular facial. This is the one stop, skin emergency clinic.

Here are some tips if you go for an Oxygen infused facial:

1. Go for facials at your skin’s worst – tell the clinic exactly your issues and let them help you find the best treatment.

2. Most facials strip your skin. This is the opposite. It repairs, adds missing minerals and vitamins and has the many benefits of oxygen. You’re not going to get that much oxygen by drinking boxes of the O2 infused water!

3. Your eyes need special attention too. Many facials don’t do anything for the eyes. I found getting a gentle massage of the eyes and seperate formula infused in and around the eye skin is a great way to get rid of puffiness and fine lines and look more awake the natural way.

4. Drink extra water beforehand too and not just after.
A great time to get a facial is after or during a cleanse too – deep clean your pores and replace lost natural vitamins, minerals and boost oxygen into your skin so you don’t look like you’ve just come off a cleanse or just got over the flu etc.

5. Do not plan to work out after or sweat. A good rule of thumb is to let the o2 and serums stay on your face as long as possible – full day and night if you can for best results. No washing or make up either.

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Can local supermarkets go waste free?

A new law passed in Paris means supermarkets can not throw out any food that is consumable.  Can this work here in Vancouver, BC?

Spruce Up Summer Salad Season

Finally it is summer time and appetites change from hot comfort foods from the cold months to refreshing fruits and vegetables.  So instead of reaching for your usual boring salad, add a few other ingredients and spruce things up.  Here’s a couple of ideas:

saladblog1.  Caesar salad - start with the classic and typical items. Then add shredded or small pieces of cauliflower, sliced almonds and some olives and feta to the typical romaine leaves, croutons and dressing.

The extra ingredients actually make the salad creamier and crisp if eating later on in the day.


2.  Fruity meets spinach.  Many people don’t even like the taste of spinach especially kids.

So what do you do?  Pass on spinach?  No you dress it up!

This is when you can add fruits like oranges, strawberries or any kind of summer berry plus cubed avocadoes and even thinly sliced purple onion.  The more flavours, the merrier.  A handful of nuts and cranberries or your choice of meet is the perfect way to turn just a salad into a full meal deal.

TIP – cut up all the ingredients and set up a make your own salad bar at home. Or get everyone to pitch in a few bucks, pick up all the ingredients and everyone has a healthy lunch for less.


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Help a Great Cause & Win a New Car or Trip

Drop by Surrey Honda on the Fraser Highway and 152 Street to help support the Ride to Survive. Our GM, Nasir Kamrudin is part of a team cycling from Kelowna to Delta in one day to help raise funds for cancer research.  Think about that for a second – 400 km on a bike!

And you can help.  Come by and purchsae a $20 ticket and you could also win a brand new Honda Fit or a trip to a hot destination and even a 3 hour flight simulator.



Spent Consumer Reports: $10 for 2 meals

This week at Super Valu on Commercial Drive & 1st Ave – they have Italian Flavours on sale… (see flyer here for details)

They challenged me to make a meal for 2 for $10.  The result ended up in a great secret to make any boring pasta sauce awesome.

Here it is:

Vegetarian, vegan or meat options as you please.

pasta10You will need:

– pasta (any kind) – I used half the box

– 1 jar of Classico sauce (any kind)

– onion, garlic (I put in a large onion chopped up and lots of garlic to kick the first signs of a cold)

– salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and curry powder to taste (we used less than half a tblspn for each)

– MY SECRET INGREDIENT: Kraft Caesar salad dressing (as much as you want to make the sauce rose)

Cook the pasta separate for 11 minutes and mix onion, garlic, seasonings for 10 minutes.  Add sauce and dressing.

That’s it!  Simple, super delicious and cost effective.

Add veggies or meat as you wish – cost will be a few dollars more and you might end up with 3 portions.  Add salad too.

Time: 20 minutes

Worst Wake Up Call – Demolition of Old Port Mann

Imagine being sound asleep at 4am and you hear explosions.  Loud explosions outside your home.  Residents in North Surrey and parts of Coquitlam got this rude awakening without any warning.

Is it an earthquake?  Something exploded?  Is it safe to be inside?  Does this mean activate the emergency response plan and get the kids out of the bed?  Kids are crying and families were sent into complete panic mode.  This wasn’t a small explosion or just one. (see video below)

The panic  went on for hours because no one knew what had happened.  Nothing in the news or warnings on the radio.

Worried residents asked each other, phoned media – what had happened?

It was an unscheduled and poorly advertised demolition of the old Port Mann Bridge and in the very early morning hours for good measure.

After many queries from family and friends who live in the area about future occurrences and who to contact with complaints and serious concerns, I decided to contact the people I knew at the Port Mann project for traffic reporting.

I passed on everyone’s concerns and asked why people weren’t alerted.  Apparently they have to subscribe online for news and were also apparently sent notices in the mail.  I contacted 10 households  closest to the demolition of the old Port Mann and all said they received nothing.

Below is the full email response from the Port Mann Bridge project but first the video – go ahead crank it up.  It wasn’t subtle especially if you have a heart condition like many of the residents in the area do or children sound asleep.

Here is the response from the Port Mann Bridge Project.  Please pass the info on to anyone you think might need it.



Try Vancouver’s Newest Car Sharing Program – Evo

Welcome the newest kid on the block in car sharing – Evo  evois here.  And they are throwing a big launch party on Tuesday March 24 – you’re all invited.

Come check out Evo by BCAA car sharing program and see how it could change how you do things and get the most out of living in the best place on earth.

Evo car sharing is perfect for the active west coast lifestyle – mountains, beaches, nightlife – Evo cars can help you get to it all.  Cars with storage space inside and on the top of the roof and cars that are easy on the environment too.

Yes – Evo cars are hybrids.

Want to win a free membership and 200 minutes of driving time?  Tell us what your Evo adventure would entail – facebook, twitter or message 

See you at the launch party!   

Power Packed Lunch for $5

Getting the words: nutritious, easy to make and cheap in a meal is possible.

Introducing the Kale packed, pesto, brown pasta dish.

Here is what you need:

Processed with Moldiv 1.  1 bundle of Kale (or to taste)

2.  1 to 2 big tablespoons of tomato pesto (or to taste)

3.  2 to 3 cups of brown pasta (or any substitute)

4.  feta cheese (optional)

5.  2 big tablespoons plain yogurt  (or to taste)

The yogurt combined with pesto gives the pasta a tangy sauce.  I also put in a dash of Masala spice, hot sauce and pepper to flavour.

I used a ton of Kale and pureed it so it would cook the best.   If you plan to cook Kale – make sure you precook before you mix in with pasta as it takes a while to cook hence why pureeing was the best option for me plus kids will love it too.  You can add other veggies to the puree too. Prep time: 20 minutes  Feeds:  Cost: $15

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