25 Things I Hate About Facebook

1. The “25 things about me” application.  I would rather get to know a person in person and decide what I think of them and not what they think of themselves

2.  Being tagged in the “25 things about me” application and people getting forceful by saying you have to do it.  Bite me- the people who need to know already know

3.  The constant changes being made by Facebook itself – make up your mind already

4.  The newsfeed and homepage should be one – why can’t I see all my shit on one page

5.  TOO MUCH PDA!!  I hate it when couples post PDA on each other’s walls – I don’t really care how excited you are to see your man tonight

6.  Skanky, trashy pictures with zero class …of girls

7.  Anything your mom or boss should not see, should not be on facebook

8.  Not enough space for the status line

9.  Everyone has the same look for their page – I want mine to be red and black

10.  The “We are relatives” application – I already know my all my relatives

11.  People who you DO NOT want to talk to you constantly messaging you – r u there?  hello?

12.  People who send important messages via facebook and not by email anymore

13.  People who use facebook instead of the phone for urgent matters

14.  Relationship status -one that changes every week

15.  All the people who pout their lips and do the over the shoulder look for their profile pictures

16.  Pictures taken by a web cam, in a bedroom with bad wallpaper

17.  Finding out bad things about your younger cousins or friends’ kids

18.  Private pictures from parties – especially of me that I did not say YES YOU CAN POST THAT

19.  Rude comments and responses to other people’s stuff

20. Status lines about one making dinner

21.  Status lines about one detailing their workout

22.  Status lines that say how you feel in one word

23.  Status lines that have nothing but a dot, dot, dot

24.  Status lines with spelling mistakes that make no sense

25.  Status lines that are useless information