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Food Waste vs. Food Want

How much food from local stores, restaurants and bakeries goes into the garbage every day? How many people in your neighborhood don’t have enough to eat? There’s one app that’s connecting the two and its run by volunteers. Vancouver Food Runners and hunger during the pandemic.

Most Asked Questions about Coronavirus COVID 19 Answered

Dr. Pankaj Sharma, a family doctor in British Columbia, answers some of the public’s most asked questions about the Coronovirus COVID 19 outbreak. About 15 years ago, Dr. Sharma treated me for Typhoid I got while on assignment in India. I was one of the first cases to travel back to Canada with it. Thankfully […]

Sikh Heritage Month

I was lucky to be part of this historical chapter in the Canadian Sikh journey. Grateful to share pictures of my late Grandfather and late Bibi (along with my mom) – 3 generations of my family. My Dad spent his entire career working and building the Canadian lumber industry and travelled all over the world.  […]

Tire Talk – tread, temperatures & timing

Temperatures  There seems to be a bit of buzz about another treacherous winter coming for the west coast of Canada. We can sit and worry or get our cars prepared this time.  First things first. What did we learn last year? All season tires won’t cut it! Sure the drive to test them out in […]

A Decade of Devastation & Dreams

A Decade of Devastation & Dreams

Ten years ago on October 18, one of Canada’s most gruesome murders unfolded in Greater Vancouver. The random disappearance of 31 year old, pregnant, Surrey school teacher Manjit Panghali. She was last seen alive at a prenatal yoga class.  Within hours of her disappearance, her close friends were already looking for her. It took 26 […]

Travel Tips: Booking All Inclusives for All Kinds of Travellers

Click here to read my recent travel article in the Province Newspaper, Vancouver as per below.  

Can local supermarkets go waste free?

A new law passed in Paris means supermarkets can not throw out any food that is consumable.  Can this work here in Vancouver, BC?

Can Crocs be Cool?

Can Crocs be Cool?

On a recent trip to New York city, the big rumour on the street was a big sale was coming.  One that had people clearing their schedules, getting extra cash from bank machines and flocking in from all over the world.  Ok maybe just Brooklyn.  What could this big sale be?  For this tourist looking […]

The New TV Show: “The Funny Pit”

The new show to make you feel the funny’s.  The Funny Pit is the new water-cooler TV show premiering on the Corus Networks (W, YTV & CMT) starting on November 4th @ 9:30ET/PT