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The New TV Show: “The Funny Pit”

The new show to make you feel the funny’s.  The Funny Pit is the new water-cooler TV show premiering on the Corus Networks (W, YTV & CMT) starting on November 4th @ 9:30ET/PT

Tech Talk:  Gadgets in the Gym

Tech Talk: Gadgets in the Gym

Flat screen TV’s, personalized programs for your workouts, App friendly equipment and even virtual trainers.  These are justsome of the many features of the newest gym set to open its doors in Surrey, BC. Club 16 is the fitness facility created by one BC’s favourite athletes, Trevor Linden. The latest addition to his chain of […]

Vaisakhi 2012 – Vancouver & Surrey

Vaisakhi is an annual Sikh event which celebrates a major religious and cultural event on one day.  The birth of Khalsa and the start of the harvest season in the Punjab.  In a recent interview with a local Sikh businessman, he explained Vaiskahi to Sikhs is like having “Christmas and Easter all on the same day.” Watch […]

10 Things Your Hairdresser is NOT Telling You

Ask anyone to give you secrets of the trade and you might be surprised by what you end up with.  I often visit the gal who does hair from her home in my area.  She is nearby, affordable and really damn good!  Color, cuts, styles and secrets.  Yup.  She is one of the best, if not […]

Boring Garden Salad Meets Mango Madness

It’s that time of year when my kitchen turns into a test kitchen and the annual tradition of getting the most out of the season’s veggies and fruits begins. We eat salads for some pretty boring reasons – dieting, health etc. Shedding the last few pounds, fitting workouts into your schedule and eating right is tough enough but that doesn’t […]

Mackenzie Makes Top 10 in Kraft Hockeyville

The TOP ten communites in Canada have been named in the race to be named Kraft Hockeyville 2011. The top 10 hockey-mad areas were picked from over 8,000 entries during an hour-long special on CBC and CBCSports.ca last night. Among the towns selected – two from here in BC – Mackenzie.and Fort nelson

Your Time of Death…oops I mean ‘Time of Birth’ Voicemail

For years, I have been wanting to know my exact time of birth.  My mom always would give me a “guesstimated” time because all she remembers is the pain that starting just after midnight that one spring evening and has lasted ever since – that would be me – lol. So recently,  I phoned up the hospital I […]

Local Woman Finds Her Real Dad on Facebook

Oprah found out she had a half sister who spent 4 years looking for her.  She shared her story with the world on her television show and it was the one time entire families were glued to the tube.  It is truely an amazing story. Stories of adoption happen everyday around the world including here […]

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts Going to India

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts manages one of the biggest cities in Canada.  One with a large population originating from all over India.  So it only makes sense to go check out India. 

Fitness Talk with Trevor Linden

Trevor Linden on the Wake Up Call – talking fitness and his new business venture to make getting healthy easier and affordable.  Check out the interview here!