Bryan Adams Rocks the PNE 100th Anniversary

The 100th anniversary of the PNE kicked off with a rockn’ good time with Vancouver native Bryan Adams taking the stage at Empire Stadium on opening day. 

It felt like the Olympics all over again but with summer weather, mini donuts and Bryan Adams!

Adams lit up the stage at outdoor venue to a home crowd just as proud to have him mark the special occasion.  Adams seemed to love hanging out with the crowd.  About three songs in he commented, “Wow…it smells really good over here (front).”

He shared stories of growing up in Southeast Van and going to Killarny School.  Adams even let a fan on stage to sing with him, “Baby, When Your Gone.”

A show that rocked the PNE for over 2 hours.  Bravo Bryan!  The PNE sure knows how to put on a party!

These are just some of our favourite pictures from centre stage!  Special thanks to our friends at the PNE for a VIP experience at the media lounge.

Photos by:  Catherine MacDonald  Email:

(you can purchase pictures in various sizes by contacting the photographer directly)