Can Crocs be Cool?

On a recent trip to New York city, the big rumour on the street was a big sale was coming.  One that had people clearing their schedules, getting extra cash from bank machines and flocking in from all over the world.  Ok maybe just Brooklyn.  What could this big sale be?  For this tourist looking for bargains and thrilling new fashion items to flaunt back home as “oh this, I got it in New York” – I had to know what this big sale was!

Two days of investigating, asking questions and it was revealed to me that it was a sale many New Yorkers wait months, if not years for.  It was a sale on Croc shoes.

Insert the most disgusting face you can make here – there isn’t an emoji for that yet!

However, this was one of my best friend’s favourite stores and she swears and lives in these shoes.  So as any good friend, I would drop her off at the sale. Outside. Andimmediately leave hoping my eyes weren’t too damaged from the shock of these hideous shoes.  Then we arrived.  A large, two story, bright green building stuck outon a New York street as if they plugged this thing at night and charged it up. Inside a massive wall made of original crocs shoe in honor of it’s New York location. Finally crocs put to good use – art display!


It had this weird aura around it too. It seemed to be floating as my friend broke into a crazy happy dance that lasted for more than three minutes of squealing, stomping and running circles.

Insert the biggest WTF face here.

So the journalist voice in me said – must investigate this.

I went inside and found the Crocs people have been hard at work trying to earn the “cool” title.  Imagine the biggest geek  in school gets a makeover that is beyond recognition.  “Croc – is that you?”

The name on the shoes was Croc but the look of the shoe was no longer the most ridiculous fashion faux pas of the century. Fashionable wedge heels to sparkly slip ons and even a menswear line! What????  I went out of my mind.  If this is what an out of body, I got possessed experience feels like it – I experienced it.  I bought three pairs of shoes!

Every time I wear them, I have a little moment that just can’t be explained.  I wait for people to say something just so I can shock them with the news – these are Crocs!  Some need proof, others walk away never to be seen again.  Conclusion – these shoes came from outer space and some alien village is laughing at us right now.