How to Survive Asthma as an Adult

Environmental changes in recent years have triggered asthma in adults.  Imagine going your entire life with no breathing problems onairand then one day your doctor tells you that you have asthma.  It’s no longer something you get as a kid.  A few things I learned and wanted to share from a recent asthma attack while at work – on air at a radio station.

When I was diagnosed with asthma it was after years of allergy problems.  I don’t have too many allergies issues anymore but that was replaced by asthma.

I learned the hard way to monitor air quality levels – at home, on vacation, everywhere.  Most weather services online have this information.  Air quality can be bad anytime.  It is not a seasonal thing.

It could be a smoggy day or a snowy day, many things can trigger asthma.  Mid November weather and little air movement can trigger asthma.  Going for a run and not knowing air quality is dangerous and a common mistake I make.

The hardest part is keeping medication on you at all times.  For the first time in years,  I ran out.  My backup inhaler in my car was nowhere to be found.  I was on the radio, 2 hours to go in my shift, gasping for air.  By the time I got home, it was hard to breath, coughing turned to chest pain.  Lesson learned.  It was my first major asthma attack ever.  The aftermath has been even worse.  A throat so sore that it made me cry.  Coughing turned  into chest congestion turned into a sinus cold.  Working a job that requires voice means having to do anything to fight it off.  Here is what helped.  It is my asthma kit.


1.  inhaler in two different doses – regular and extra strength

2.  zinc lozenges (try to take one  a day)

3.  vicks vapour rub on face, throat and chest -wrap and sleep

4.  allergy pills because my asthma is allergy related

5.  a few drops of oil of oregano under the tongue with water for when the cough gets bad.

*Of course you should check with your doctor for proper medication, diagnosis and treatment.