Local Woman Finds Her Real Dad on Facebook

Oprah found out she had a half sister who spent 4 years looking for her.  She shared her story with the world on her television show and it was the one time entire families were glued to the tube.  It is truely an amazing story.

Stories of adoption happen everyday around the world including here in Vancouver.  Here local resident, Kylie knew she had a real family all her life.  Adopted as a child, Kylie is now a mother of two and just months away from getting married. So she sat down and started searching for her real parents.  Her search started on Facebook and within a few hours…she found her Dad!

The poster for Facebook says it all and this story really gives it a whole new meaning.

Kylie talked to us on the Wake Up Call on RJ 1200 (am) about her amazing 24 hours and the magic of social networking.

Take a listen here to  Kylie‘s Story