The New TV Show: “The Funny Pit”

The new show to make you feel the funny’s.  The Funny Pit is the new water-cooler TV show premiering on the Corus Networks (W, YTV & CMT) starting on November 4th @ 9:30ET/PT

Comedian Roman Danylo helms this new hybrid that is both a reality show and comedy show; think Just For Laughs meets America’s Funniest Home Videos. Each TFP episode is a laugh-out-loud half-hour mash-up of hidden camera gags, video gags, video pranks, bloopers, hilarious family portraits, wipe-outs, talking pets, fake-or-for-real video quizzes, and man-on-the-street social experiments with outrageous results you will only see on The Funny Pit. Plus viewers are encouraged to send in their own humorous homemade videos and photographs. The Funny Pit delivers non-stop laughs for the whole family.


Here are Ryan and Amy – two of the show’s hosts – talking about the makng of the Funny Pit!

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