Tech Talk: Gadgets in the Gym

Flat screen TV’s, personalized programs for your workouts, App friendly equipment and even virtual trainers.  These are justsome of the many features of the newest gym set to open its doors in Surrey, BC.

Club 16 is the fitness facility created by one BC’s favourite athletes, Trevor Linden.

The latest addition to his chain of value priced gyms will be in the heart of the booming Surrey Central City area.

The new space will be inside of the newest malls and includes rooftop parking with escalator access, massive sunroofs that fill the close to 20,000 square feet facility with lots of light and just the right motivation to get your workout on.   A second entrance can be found within the lively, brand spanking new mall which is also home to new neighbours such as Target.

More than 100 cardio machines, free weights, cable-resistance strength machines and circuit training options along with a ladies only side and co-ed workout space will all be tech’d out with top of the line equipment.

Making sure his newest Club 16 offers the best the fitness equipment is a top priority for Trevor Linden. “With all the technology people use these days, they expect facilities to be accommodating. Even though we are a value priced club we have the best equipment money can buy.  Each machine will have its very own flat screen in it for starters.  You can also download your workouts and use your fitness apps for example.  We even have our free weight systems with movement monitoring technology in them so one improve their workout progress.”

The most technologically advanced system will come in the form of a virtual trainer in the spinning classes.  This type of one on one training will allow personalized training programs for every level.

Captain Canuck says they work with two of the top brands in the business.   “We work with Precor and Life Fitness because they always are on the cutting edge of what’s new, upcoming and latest and greatest.  That kind of stuff is important and it’s key to us. We believe everyone deserves the best for the health at affordable prices.”

Not bad for less than $15 a month! 

Linden teamed up with fitness industry veteran, Chuck Lawson of “She’s Fit”, in recent years to open similar facilities across thelower mainland including the flagship Club 16 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Pre-registration for their newest venture starts  October 1 at City Central Shopping Centre or by calling 604-558-1600 and of course online.