Tire Talk – tread, temperatures & timing


There seems to be a bit of buzz about another treacherous winter coming for the west coast of Canada.

We can sit and worry or get our cars prepared this time. Tire Talk

First things first. What did we learn last year?

All season tires won’t cut it!

Sure the drive to test them out in snow was a great way to see if your heart works. But no more, near death drives please.

New rules could be coming in soon where your insurance will only cover you if you have the proper tires and they are not called All Season. Check with your insurance provider about this.

All weather tires or snow tires is what you want to get.  Companies like Kal Tire have a couple of good options.  Going direct to the dealership is a great idea too.  Honda, for example, guarantees the lowest price on tires.


Why all weather tires?  The tread is designed for snow, slush and ice.  Thicker and and more grooved tread is a huge difference. All season tires apparently don’t work if temperatures fall below 7 degrees.

Timing – Fall is a great time for deals!  Most tires places won’t tell you over the phone so check the brands online. Early to mid October is deal season.

Currently – the best prices I could find from calling around Vancouver for a set of 4 all weather tires is in the $600 to $700 range – with installation and taxes.


1. Have the make, exact model, year of your vehicle along with the number on your current tires before sitting down to make calls for prices etc. Yes there is a long number with a couple of letters on your tire that tells them size, model etc.

2. Don’t wait til its closer to winter.  Tire places get busy and the price of installation may go up too. I went in today and was in and out in an hour – no wait.

3. A great tip I got from some coworkers was to try used tire places. I found them everywhere.  It just requires a lot of work – calling, driving to these places and hoping for a great deal.  In some cases – you might even get almost new tires but just make sure they are safe to use after a collision etc.

These are just my findings and for the Vancouver area.  If you plan on any road trips outside of this area like Whistler or Coquihalla highway – get chains, winter tires and just an army vehicle. More research you can do for your vehicle, the better.

Special thanks to Robin at Boyd Autobody and Glass for helping me find the right tires at an amazing price.