Vaisakhi 2012 – Vancouver & Surrey

Vaisakhi is an annual Sikh event which celebrates a major religious and cultural event on one day.  The birth of Khalsa and the start of the harvest season in the Punjab.  In a recent interview with a local Sikh businessman, he explained Vaiskahi to Sikhs is like having “Christmas and Easter all on the same day.”

Watch a documentary I produced, wrote and voiced in partnership with the Province Newspaper.

What does Vaisakhi celebrations mean to the local community?  Watch.


Tips on attending Vaisakhi –

1.  Everyone is welcome so bring friends and have some cultural fun – hope the video link above gave you some info.  If you want to know more, please email and we can send you more

2.  Wear really comfy shoes like runners – there will be lots of walking!

3.  Dress comfortable and in a respectful manner – no mini skirts or guys who go shirt less.  Sikh faith and dress is something worth reading on and learning about covering your head.  If you want to get Sikh colthing or more information on covering your head during this event here is some info –

4.  No drinking, smoking or drugs as this is a religious event as well

5.  There will be plenty of food, water and giveaways – bring a re-usable bag, please don’t litter

6.  Cameras for taking pictures and video are allowed and you will see many great performances along the way both within the parade and on mainstages

7.  There will be clean up crews after the event but feel free to stay and volunteer.  “Seva” is a big part of the Sikh faith

8.  Large crowds – some parts of the parade will have thousands of people in one area.  If you don’t like large crowds try to stay behind the parade route so you can take your time making your way through it

9.  Inside a Gurdwara or temple – make sure you cover your head, remove your shoes and wash your hands/feet before heading into the prayer area or eating area

10. Parking near the temples is going to be difficult.  Even if you come early, leaving could be a problem – transit is highly recommended.  Keep in mind the parade routes will be blocked to all traffic.

Everyone is welcome and if you have questions – ask anyone around the event and learn about this unique day!