Wrap Your Body in This! Spa Series-Part 2

I’ve always heard the expression, “your body is like a temple, treat it well.”  May I recommend getting a full body facial.  Recently my co-worker, Erin Davis and I ventured off for our first ever BODY WRAPS at New Image.  We instantly fell in love with the treatment and asked “Why haven’t we done this yet?”  It is a great way to start off spring  and I highly recommend this treatment to get your skin repaired  after a dry and long winter and get it beach ready.  We get facials, our nails and hair done regularly – but what about the rest of our body?  A body wrap is an amazing all around body treatment and as Erin said, “when was the last time someone washed and exfoliated your back?”

Here is what is on the menu:There are four complete body treatments, each one consisting of a dry brush exfoliation, application of specific plant extracts in a mask base, then wrapped in a plastic sheet for maximum product penetration and followed by aromatic body milk.

  • RELAX AROMA WRAP – Divine cream, sauna mask which heats the skin boosting its radiance.
  • FLOW AROMA WRAP – Friction massage done with mosaic powder then wrap for improved blood circulation.
  • DETOX AROMA WRAP – Drains away toxins that cause cellulite by using ghassoul earth algae creating a slimming effect.
  • TONIC AROMA WRAP – Intensive firming, ant wrinkle agents leave the skin smooth and toned/
  • Crème De La Exfoliate – A deeply enzymatic full body exfoliation followed by a hot towel removal, then a rich body cream is applied for nourishment.

Here are some tips for getting a body wrap:

1.  Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Some of the product from exfoliating and oils may be left on your skin when you leave.

2.  Take a nice warm bath or shower when you get home but try not to scrub off great creams and oils on your skin – allow them to get into your skin for the next 12 to 24 hours. 3.  Bring a hat – part of the body wrap is a head massage and your hair will get messy but you will walk out feeling amazing – just bring a hat.The gals who did the treatment at New Image both get a 9 out of 10 – professional, nice, detail oriented and helped us relax.  A body wrap may seem a bit messy but a well trained person makes all the difference.  For more info on enrolling in learning great spa treatments or getting one, check out www.newimage.ca and mention this blog.