Your Time of Death…oops I mean ‘Time of Birth’ Voicemail

For years, I have been wanting to know my exact time of birth.  My mom always would give me a “guesstimated” time because all she remembers is the pain that starting just after midnight that one spring evening and has lasted ever since – that would be me – lol.

So recently,  I phoned up the hospital I was born in – Mackenze, BC and requested to the records department to look up the exact time of BIRTH!  I don’t know why I waited so long to ‘just ask’ somebody but the response I got was not only a huge question answered but offered a little bit of a shock.

We talked about it on the show of course.  Here it is as heard on RJ 1200’s Wake Up Call

I found out the news in one of the funniest yet very startling voice messages anyone has ever left me.   Take a listen here:  Time Of Birth Voicemail